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Farella Anderson, B.A., M.A.
Mental Health Counselling Therapist
I have had a lifelong desire to support people in their individual and uncertain life's journey. With my training in counseling psychology and added experience working in healthcare settings for over 10 years, I believe these people-centered skills are very necessary in my new professional journey.
I love meeting new people of like-mindedness, reading for relaxation, watching movies from my cultural background, cooking/baking, gardening (a recent discovery) and just relaxing at home with my family.

beliefs and services

As humans, it is not uncommon to sometimes find yourself in a position where you feel lost, frightened and all alone. I am here to support you in whatever way you need, whether it’s to identify the roadblocks, redefine your identity or embrace your true self, this can be achieved by working collaboratively in a safe, respectful, empathic environment where trust is fundamental to the process. I work with clients from diverse backgrounds where cultural sensitivity is prime. Because I sincerely believe that a therapist/counselor who is able to make you feel safe, comfortable and where mutual respect is shared and trust is built, I therefore offer a free 15 minute consultation where you and I can get to know each other and see if there is a connection/good fit.

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treatment approach

There are so many therapeutic approaches today such as psychodynamic (Integrative), person-centered, cognitive behavioral etc. but I believe that every person is unique therefore, call/email me or book a session, come in and let me listen to your concerns, and then listen again. I get the opportunity to observe and observe again. Together we interpret your thoughts, feelings and behavior then discuss, decide and formulate a treatment plan that is customized just for your specific needs. I strive to meet each and every client where they are with no assumptions!

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